Lust Vs Must: Striped Floppy Hat

In many places, like NC, it’s already so warm that we are hash tagging #summerishere. That means that every spare moment we are headed to the beach or the pool with our tote in tow, big sunglasses, and tanning oil. But, a lot of times, we need a slight break from the hot sun beating directly down on us… Or, maybe we just wanna look super cool sipping our Mai Tai at the bar. Either way, I thought we’d talk a little about this great deal on a floppy hat to pair with all of your summer outfits.
The “lust” hat (pictured above) is $30 from the Gap. Not a bad price but, when you’re on a budget… maybe a little unrealistic. However, I love the lines and contrast between the navy blue and neutral stripes.
It just so happens that I found a slightly bolder version at Target for half the price ($15)! The space between lines is a little broader but, I adore the wide brim and (again) the versatility. Below, is how I would wear this accessory; whether vacationing for the day, or for the week.
I kept the feeling very nautical by adding a strappy, navy blue, day dress. Also, I don’t know about you, but when it’s humid and I know I will be outside a lot, I keep my jewelry and makeup to a minimum. So, the only MUST have item I would have for this look is large sunglasses. I chose large frames with an iridescent lens that reflect light and balance between the prominence of the hat & the daintiness of the dress.
I kept everything about the look quite simple. The shoes, for example, in a sand color don’t detract from the overall look. The one focal point I did add is a requirement for most women, especially when wearing a flat, inconspicuous shoe– a great handbag! I LOVE, LOVE the yellow color that pops off of this straw material and I chose the shape and size of a large shopper bag because it lends itself to many uses. Plus, it has a laid back sense of design.
Beach House
And, guess what?! All of the items in this collection are $50 or less!
So, click the links/items now and get shopping!
Have a WONDERFUL Friday everyone!!! ❤

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