Meditating On… “Me” Time

Ever have “one of those days”? You know the ones I’m talking about… When you overslept, didn’t have time to dry your hair so you look like a drenched ballerina, you feel like you accomplished nothing at work (or house chores), failed miserably on your “diet” (again), & realized that you have no groceries for dinner so you decide to opt for the pint of Ben & Jerry’s left in your freezer rather than go to the store. Yeah, THOSE days.

I feel like I’ve been living one of those days for the last two and a half months; running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But, something I am constantly learning is that I have to make time for myself, whenever I HAVE the time. Because, let’s face it– sometimes MAKING the time isn’t an option. No matter if you’re a busy career woman or a stay at home mom, likely you know the world of difference it can make to escape for just 30 minutes before moving on with your day.

There are a few steps to taking this brief “time out” that I find to be especially necessary; all the more so the older I am and more complicated life seems to get.

1) “Hush Your Mush”- This is a term that I borrowed from my husband which basically (playfully) means, “Shutup!” I’ve noticed  that sometimes when I feel stressed, it helps me to just take a break from talking. I’m one of those people who screens most of my phone calls anyway but, I’m not just talking about verbal communication. Even answering text messages, emails, instagram notifications, and facebook comments can take away from the relaxation of alone time. Before you know it, you’ve spent your precious 30-60 minutes on your smart phone pinning outfit ideas for the upcoming work week instead of managing a small break from reality. So, why not just switch your mobile device off (or even on silent/do not disturb) until you are ready to face the flood of responsibility again.

2) Light It Up- Over the years, and especially since becoming pregnant the second time, I have discovered that aromatherapy is something that is an absolute necessity when I try to collect myself. Whether it’s a long, luxurious bath, a foot massage from hubby with my fave lotion, or just having a quick lie down with a good smelling candle burning by my bedside. I don’t know any women at all who have told me that they don’t like candles. I have given them as gifts to my step-son’s teacher for teacher appreciation week, fellow moms who need to rest and recoup, and countless others. There is something about the right scent drifting through your home that just make you feel good; cozy, and calm. Here are a few fragrances that I’m currently drooling over at my house: Rosemary/Eucalyptus Energize, Peach Preserves, Lemon Poppyseed, and Vanilla Cedar.

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3) Tune In & Wind Down- I’m quite the music lover, which I don’t talk about much on the blog but– almost every night as a kid/teen, I would go to bed with the radio playing familiar songs that I would sing along to as I fell asleep. Even now, my husband enjoys listening to mood music when he is trying to loosen up after a long day of work. And music is something we want our children to enjoy fully as well.

While you are settling back and putting your feet up for a few moments, try tuning into an easy listening station on Pandora. I particularly enjoy Massage Radio, or Sleep Station Radio. Also, there is a new app I’ve recently been exposed to called Songza, that can provide music for almost any given circumstance and mood. The “Laid-Back R&B” channel hits the spot for me while mind my is on almost any activity; or even a state of inactivity.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for taking it easy when you get weighed down with the day’s anxieties. Try one, or all, of these when you have some time to knock off and see if you feel as renewed as I do!

❤ Love you to all!


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