LAY BARE BUMP: 17 Weeks + Gender Reveal

I bit the bullet. I got a gender reveal ultrasound. So, many things have led up to this…. Not just me getting pregnant again. But, the numerous conversations that hubby and I have had about our plans for the future.

Ever since this pregnancy started out, I have not wanted to find out the sex of the baby- for two reasons. 1) I like the element of surprise this time around (good surprises, at least). And having wished for a girl so hard last time, only to end up with a boy (whom I adore! and would NOT trade) I didn’t want to get my hopes up that I’d see girl genitalia on the screen this time; convincing myself that I would rather just wait and love whatever comes out. 2) We are in the process of moving and with baby number two I just feel like my nesting instincts aren’t as strong. Is it really that big of a deal if the nursery isn’t picture perfect as soon as the baby comes home? It’s not like they sleep in there for the first 2-3 months anyway, and if you are a co-sleeper, sometimes much longer.

My husband, however, was of a completely different opinion. He wanted to know the gender ASAP! So, I (begrudgingly) set the ultrasound date for June 5th- 19 weeks & 2 days pregnant. As time, has gone by since my last appointment though, I have still wavered in whether finding out whether to buy pink or blue was the best decision for us. I just wanted a healthy baby. Try as I might, though, I could NOT talk my hubby out of it!

That being said, I thought that since he was determined and wouldn’t abandon the idea I decided that I had to come up with a way to make the experience extra fun for myself so that I could share in my hubby’s enthusiasm. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that discovering what you are carrying isn’t exciting in itself. It just wasn’t my original desire.) So, I asked Jon if he would consider getting an early 3D/4D ultrasound at Womb’s Window. But, he wasn’t exactly fond of seeing a “creature-like” baby up close and personal and who was I to push my opinion? To each his own, right? Setting out to find a compromise was the best solution.

Recently, as I have vaguely mentioned in previous posts, we have been going through a monumentally stressful time in our family; the details of which I will leave out. However, due to the on going stress, I have been worried that the mental fatigue and pressure has been negatively affecting the overall health of my baby. With that in mind, I proposed to Jon that we schedule and early 2D ultrasound at Womb’s Window (with a trained sonographer) to 1) ease my mind and 2) allow him a peek at whether he would have a new son or daughter. When he agreed to that plan, I immediately called and scheduled. To my surprise, they were able to get me in on the same day– 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant!

The overall experience and comfort level of Womb’s Window is completely incomparable. As soon as I walked in, I said, “I wish this was my doctor’s office!” The consideration and joy expressed to each person that receives services warmed my heart and the professionalism was unparalleled. I couldn’t stop telling Lisa (the owner and technician) how much I wished I could come to Womb’s Window for every ultrasound appointment. She even snuck in a little 4D during our visit just so I could see what our baby looked like even better. Also, she recorded the heartbeat for us and was able to implant the chip it was on into a stuffed animal. Now, we have a heartbeat buddy that allows us to listen to our little one’s heartbeat whenever we want to! I definitely wish I had made an appointment there during my last pregnancy.

But, enough about that– I know what you guys really want is to see the end result of all this, right?? Well,….


GIRL!!! And we couldn’t be more thrilled! Obviously, I am still thanking my husband for foreseeing that, in the end, this was a majorly good thing for us. 🙂 I got the little girl I’ve always wanted and she will have two AWESOME big brothers to help her learn her way. The ultrasound tech, being certified, was also able to tell me that my girl’s insides were at tip-top shape and I had nothing to worry about when it comes to her  health thus far. Fortunate for me, as well– I got to find out all of this almost 3 full weeks earlier than if I had waited for my typical anatomy scan. Now, I get another look at my lovely little lady just for kicks!

What a wonderful, incredible, uplifting way to start off the week and my 5th month of pregnancy!


XO ❤


2 thoughts on “LAY BARE BUMP: 17 Weeks + Gender Reveal

    • Thank you so much! Sorry it took me so long to respond but, if you read my latest post, hopefully you’ll understand. I’ll be stopping by your site soon ❤

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