Long Weekend, More Luxuries

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE! I know that you have all been looking forward to this long weekend as much as I have and now it’s finally here! I’m jealous that some of you have off of work today, as my hubby sits at his desk, with a cold, making last-minute calls to clients. Hopefully, all will be well by tomorrow since we are supposed to spend a lovely couple of days in Charleston, SC (one of our favorite places). Always such great scenery and good eats in that city! Jon says that when we get old and the kids leave us, we’re moving there just to enjoy it like we did before all these babies came along. 🙂 Isn’t he a romantic?

But, no matter where you are headed or what your plans are this weekend, I’ve put together a bit of a hodge-podge of items that add to the enjoyment, sensuality, and refreshment of the time you’ll be spending away from the daily grind. Nine things that might leave you a little more confident, a lot more relaxed, and hopefully more satisfied with how you spent your time (and money!).

Memorial Day Weekend

First off, I’m absolutely adoring the look of these eyeshadow trios by Paul & Joe, which can be purchased at Urban Outfitters. Specifically designed with spring in mind and with seven color combination to choose from, these mini palettes can go from day-to-night, dark to bright. (Compact not included.) Shimmer and shine all weekend with just one of these on hand. The perfect beauty, travel companion on a holiday weekend; when you’ll want to spend more time getting drinks with your friends than staring into the bathroom mirror.

If you’re looking to take a load off with a nice long bubble bath, look no further than this natural sea wool sponge. Featured as “Best For Body” by Real Simple Magazine, this bathing essential is especially soft and provides an abundant, luscious lather. So, staying in and soaping up with your favorite fragrance might just be the most appealing idea yet. I know, for me- as a busy mom- alone time in the bathroom is rare. (lol) Why not  spend a little time with your favorite soundtrack, a little champagne, and a soak in the tub?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on hydrating, infused waters and sprays and (personally) this B6 Complexion Prep Spray from Urban Decay is at the top of the list, in its price point. I’d definitely say that you need this in your handbag at all time this summer, especially if you plan to spend lots of time in the sun. Containing the first stabilized form of vitamin B6, this spray absorbs oil, reduces redness, and minimizes the sight of pores. It’s recommended for all ages, skin types, and both genders! Great for mid-day rejuvenation!

Cognac colored, leather sandals are a HUGE trend at the moment. Neutrals are being stressed more than ever as more than just a fashion statement but, also, a practical purchase! Flat & heeled versions can be worn casually and be paired with every color of the rainbow. Stacked heels more than all others are work appropriate for most offices and comfortable enough (varying by brand and style) to allow you to move about throughout the day without feeling wobbly or cramped. Personally, I like the look of them also styled with boyfriend jeans, a loose-fitting top, and large handbag for an informal day out shopping/dining.

A cute tote is a significant part of any daytime outing, in my opinion. And, as summer approaches, I am seeing more and more prints that I’m falling in love with. Recently, I stumbled across the Kate Spade espadrille handbag in a lemon motif, neutral colored fabric which I have featured here. It’s also currently in the sale section! The look and feel of the bag is fresh (no pun intended) and hasn’t been overdone. Honestly, I feel like this would look best with a flirty skirt ensemble but, ultimately it would look adorable with just about anything. The more I look at it, the happier I get– and that counts for something, right?

On a laid back weekend, either away from home, or at a barbecue in your backyard, staying protected from the sun is a must. But, why not do it stylishly? A classic silhouette, when it comes to eyewear, can be quite eyecatching. I know, for myself, that a sturdy, fashionable pair of sunglasses makes me feel more self-aware and less daunted. Plus, with charming frames like the ones above from Anthropologie and ModCloth, how can you resist?

Just really quickly, I’ll mention that light reading (for those of you who are bookworms) can be quite nice to relish in when you have a few spare moments. Your favorite magazine or a best-selling, easy to read novel will do the trick if you want a quick intellectual fix, or if you’re looking for a few ideas on projects to complete during your time off. Either way, I always throw them into my collection of suggestions because if nothing else and you are just having a gathering of friends, an article or book laying out might just strike up a good conversation.

Scents are also very key when getting into the right frame of mind. Right now, I’m LOVING the summer essences from Victoria’s Secret. I’m pretty much obsessed with them in any form. My favorite is the body whip but, I think sprays are more practical when you have less time on your hands. Plus, these are 2/$40 right now! That cannot be beat!

Last, but not least, being a photographer, I had to throw this one in because it’s something I’d personally like to include in my weekend. A fun, novelty camera is always a great way to capture memories with friends and family. A crowd favorite is a Polaroid because the photos are easy to take and develop right away. I love giving these as gifts and using them for creative displays in the house. Help me talk my hubby into getting one! 🙂 Oh! And did I mention that they come in different colors? Yes, they do!

Photo courtesy of designerjots.squarespace.com

Those are just my little tidbits to add to an already bound to be wonderful weekend. I hope you guys can try one or two of these out and take advantage of a couple of sales also! Shop most of the products I’ve discussed below and, most of all, have a fun, safe weekend! ❤


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