Day to Night: Blue Embroidered Dress

I know that you ladies have to love a versatile dress as much as I do. That’s why, when I saw this blue, embroidered dress at Oliver Bonas, I knew I had to come up with a set to display just how I would wear this on a day-to-day basis and what I would pair it with for a fun night out with my hubby and some friends.
First, let me say that something I love about this dress is that it’s machine washable! To me, little is more of a pain than having to run to the dry cleaners all the time. So the ability to launder this item at home, hassle-free, makes it even more appealing to me. However, it is 100% cotton so be careful about your drying methods!
Such a stunning tone of blue, I first envisioned this dress during the day; A crisp, clean concept on what a modern 20-something would wear from spring through fall. Mixing and match the right accessories and footwear could make this a major closet contender when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. Also, it just went on sale!
Day to Night w/ Oliver Bonas
In the daytime ensemble, I put in a pop of color with an adorable, sorbet colored, Sole Society scarf with hints of blue/white accents along the hem. I like when things “go” but, don’t necessarily match. Remember: It’s not essential for you to color coordinate every aspect of your outfit for it to look cohesive. However, for some, being matchy-matchy is their style and I can definitely see where they are coming from. (Stick with me on this when we transition into the night-time look.)
Anyway, I kept the rest of the piece casual and laid back. That little bit of embroidery at the bottom of the dress takes this look a long way without having to add much at all. The shoes, a soft brown, pointy toe flat complement the delicate details well. A neutral colored hobo bag, dainty, stud earrings and sun-kissed makeup complete the laid back, sensibility that this collection gives off. A very practical impression from head to toe.
The night out side of this collage is mainly focused on two color families. Coral/peaches and blues/greens; where warm and cool meet. The dress can stand on its own rather well and I’m not one who feels that adding a bed to an elastic waisted garment is flattering. (Call me crazy!) I love the subtle sweetheart neckline (and I bet your sweetheart will too! 😉 ) and I didn’t want to clutter the area with jewelry so I stuck with a pair of very stylish, statement earrings that feature swarovski crystals and opal. Plenty of bling to go around! I fell in love with the coral colored teardrop stones at the top and decided to play the rest of the accessories off of that.
Remember my “matchy-matchy” comment? Yeah… So, I’m not being hypocritical by adding in a similar style laser-cut, Stella & Dot clutch. And it’s not too far to also put on an awesome pair of color-blocked wedges with yet another shade of coral. I say this because all of these accessories are spaced appropriately instead of being clumped into one place in the outfit. Also, the simplicity of the dress called out (in my opinion) for understated explosions of color that wouldn’t corrupt the already exquisite blue.
When it came to evening makeup, I chose a dramatic eye with colors slightly differing but, complementing, the earrings. (Don’t you just LOVE the Chanel eyeshadow quads?!) On the lips, YSL sheer color lipstick in “Dewy Papaya”. I really feel like this look is youthful and fun but, doesn’t say ‘party girl’- a vibe I try really hard not to give off. It’s tasteful and mature but, still gives a lot of room to add your personality and style.
I hope you guys liked this post! And if you want to check out any of the products here, click the icons below and start shopping!!

3 thoughts on “Day to Night: Blue Embroidered Dress

    • Thanks so much, Christina! I miss blogging more on a regular basis. This pregnancy has me out of whack! I’ll be stopping by your lovely site soon ❤

      • I miss you, Quin!! I hope you’re doing well and just know I’ll always be here! ❤ Take care, pretty mama!!

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