Easy Peasy Makeup for Back To School!

Hey guys! I’m back (rather quickly) with a post on back to school makeup. Some of you may have already begun the school year, while others (like my area) aren’t starting until tomorrow… or even later. This won’t be a long post; just some basics on how to look your best daily while cutting down time in your morning routine. Of course, depending on how much allowance on the clock there is, you might be able to expound and make this look more dramatic. However, most of you are probably going to be applying some of these products at stoplights either in the car or on the bus.

I apologize in advance for the fact that some of these are not drugstore products and do cost a bit more than the school girl’s budget allows. But, if you’ve been saving up a little money to treat yourself…etc, then I assure you, investing in quality makeup is well worth it! And, of course, you could adapt any of this buy finding dupes online or at your local stores.

Back To School Makeup
Personally, I think that for anyone who is running on a lack of sleep, in a hurry during the morning hours, or is just plain “low maintenance” when it comes to getting ready should focus on pulling off a fresh, alert face. Nothing too over the top or imaginative; just something that says, “I’m here and I’m ready to work!”– be it school work or secular.
After starting out with a good moisturizer I like a light coverage foundation. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is known to be creamy, illuminating, and does well at hiding shadowy, sleepy areas on your face. Although, I think that you can only buy this particular foundation online, in stores that ship from the UK. ASOS carries this particular formula and I find their shipping prices to be quite reasonable or, often, free.
I love applying the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind eraser treatment under my eye area to disguise under eye circles or droopy, ‘I just woke up’ bags. I use a shade or two lighter than my skin tone so that it highlights as well as camouflages. And, when I have time, I use it to contour also. The twist up packaging design makes application all too easy.
I prefer creme blushes when I’m in a rush because I can put them on easily with a swipe of my fingers and blend naturally. I don’t have to worry about carrying pesky brushes out the door with me when I’m short on time and know I’ll be doing my makeup in between passing sippy cups and animal crackers to the back seat of the car. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is a must-have in my makeup bag. Of course, choose a color that complements your skin tone and isn’t too loud to carry off on the average day. I like “Coffee Cake” and “Rose Petal” on my olive skin.
Eyes are what take up the most time when I’m standing in front of the mirror. I like to make them stand out but, the time is takes to get the right amount of drama and balance isn’t always realistic on an average, busy day. Benefit Cosmetics has worked hard to make it easy on girls like us. Their Big Beautiful Eyes kit contains eye shadow and concealer that works for any eye color and all skin tones. It also comes with two brushes that fit right in the pack! The earthy, shimmery colors let you build a look that enhances your natural beauty and doesn’t take more than five minutes to achieve. In case you feel like using a different concealer or feel you need more coverage (& did NOT use the Instant Age Rewind) Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer is an amazing $5 investment!
Now, I’m one of those ladies who CANNOT leave the house without mascara if I’ve got the rest of my face lookin’ right. This may be a step that others of you will forego but, I just have to mention it in case you’re OCD like me & want a completed look. Cargo HD Picture Perfect Mascara (as seen used on PixiWoo) lengthens and defines lashes using a very uniquely designed brush to make sure your eyes are making as big a statement as possible.
Finish off the look with your favorite long-wearing lip color or gloss. Smashbox gloss in “Illume” is a personal preference of mine. Also, Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm is a really great product! What’s most important, though, is for you to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.
If you liked this post, you may wanna shop the products below! And check out Lauren Curtis‘ video on the same subject. She’s a beaut and I lover her tutorials!

Happy Back To School!!!!!

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