August 2014 Favorites: Beauty & Home

Greetings from 32 weeks pregnant! We are finally in September, my favorite month of the year. One month close to meeting our new baby! Also, it’s our wedding anniversary month. 🙂
 I feel like every September, when fall is in the air, a new leaf is turned over for me (pardon the pun) and I am just so excited to see where this final chapter of the year takes us.
But, before we officially wave goodbye to all the love and laughs that this season brought, I want to give credit where credit is due. So, this post is all about my August favorites. I didn’t realize I had so many until I started going through my bathroom closet and caboodle.
At Home Spa Night
1) One of my #1 picks, hands down, is Shea Moisture’s Coconut + Hibiscus Dead Sea Salt, Nourishing Soak. I bought it at the beginning of the month when hubby was away on business and I bought out a little time for a “spa night” after putting the kiddos in bed. I honestly cannot recommend this stuff enough! Not only does it smell DIVINE but it softens your skin with no scrubbing necessary. Not to mention, it really did alleviate a lot of the soreness I was feeling in my feet and back.
Ulta’s website, is saying that it’s currently sold out online but, I’d suggest checking your local store. Mine had plenty in stock; also sold at Target and, of course, at the Shea Moisture website. For $13, it’s totally worth it and a definite repurchase for me!
2) This next product, The Buff Stuff, by Anatomicals looks like a teeny-bopper buy. I was really skeptical as to whether I would like this but, all of the the reviews were great and you can’t beat the $10 price tag. I love the grapefruit scent and, oddly enough, that it suds!
Usually I would steer clear of exfoliators that also foam up on a loofah. However, this one is so gentle and, unlike many others, a little goes a long way. I adore this, especially for getting the dead cells off of my belly so my skin can breathe and stretch easier as the baby grows.
3) The Deep Down Detox Mud Mask seems kind of intimidating from the title. And, from past experience with buying what I thought were really deep cleansing formulas, I thought that it would be expensive too. Let me assure you that it is neither harsh on your skin, nor will it clean out your wallet. $5.99 beauty tip right here, ladies!
I don’t want to ramble on too much because this product will for sure be featured in my upcoming skin care routine post but, for now, I’ll tell you that I haven’t found anything more affordable, with a better smell, that will empty my pore of impurities better. It is also said to be sold out at Ulta online… Again, check your local store. Or you can visit the Formula 10.0.6 website and shop directly.
4) ELF has never really been my “go to” brand for anything. I have a couple of products from them and they work well enough considering that when it comes to cosmetics, you almost ALWAYS get what you pay for. But, up until recently, I had never decided to try their brushes. Can you blame me?  Non high-end, synthetic brushes usually fall apart the week you get them. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend a trillion dollars on Sigma… as much as we might want to.
That being said, with all of the bronze, glowy skin going on for summer, I wanted to nice & full, kabuki brush to get an even, natural finish. This brush did not disappoint! It’s incredibly soft and pliable, holds product well, and is only $6.99.
5) Something with the name Instant Age Rewind might make you think of an older woman’s beauty brand. But, believe it or not, it’s good ol’ Maybelline at it again; producing great stuff as always! Take it from someone who has dark circles whether I got a full night’s sleep or not, when this product description says “instantly creates a radiant, refreshed looking eye area”, it doesn’t lie!
As I mentioned in my ‘back to school makeup’ post, when I have time, I use it to contour my face as well. The twist up packaging design makes application super simple and 100% mess proof.
6) I’m kind of cheating with this one because it’s really two products. I wanted to talk about both because they are recommended to use together. If, however, you fancy on over the other you are welcome to completely ignore me.
Now, as soon as I say the brand is The Spoiled Mama many of you will be on your way to clicking out of the window. But, before you do, hear me out.
I discovered this brand (specifically the Tummy Butter) when I was pregnant with my first child and it aided in preventing me from getting ANY stretch marks. Of course, after giving birth my skin looked like a wrinkled up paper bag but, even applying it after helped the lines to fade. It’s organic formula, including pure cocoa butter, rosehip oil, vitamin E, and other essential ingredients help create firmer skin, prevent future stretch marks, and fade the ones you already have.
It’s also supposed to be used in conjunction with the hydrating, Bump Gloss. Many women have stretch marks because they have lost/gained weight, had kids, or even from growing too quickly as a child! These two products are nourishing and supple; I will always speak highly of this brand to my friends and family!
7) Bath & Body Works is one store that makes me absurdly happy. As soon as I walk in, I’m overwhelmed with sweet, sultry, and spicy smells that I can’t wait to dive into! I have been extremely drawn to citrus scents this summer which a bit unusual for me. I would normally order a slice of lemon cake, not buy a lemony candle. I would normally eat a grapefruit for breakfast, not lather up the scent in my soap. But, pregnancy has turned my head to see how satisfying these fragrances can be too.
The Lemon Pomegranate Cream lotion from BBW is inexplicably smooth, in texture and perfume. One of THE best lotions I’ve tried all of 2014… and, trust me, there have been MANY. My husband and my bathroom closet collection can attest to that!
8) I’ve been told by a couple of people that the candles and scents that Bath & Body have had for the last couple of months have been their “pre”-fall line and that there are even more new ones to be released. I want to double-check my sources on that before I post my autumn wishlist and get you guys all amped up for something that spectacular.
Having got that out into the air, I have been burning the Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn 3-wick for the past month, almost daily. It’s like having movie night at a cabin in the mountains with your favorite fur throw EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even my husband and my dad have both made comments on how great the smells is! Quite the accomplishment in my book. 😉
There you have it! Eight favorites for the eighth month of the year. I really hope you all are able to try at least a couple of these and let me know what you think; do you love them as much as I do?? I look forward to reading all of your front-runners for the month. Until the next post… Take care!

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