Get The Look: Kim Kardashian West


Kim Kardashian West might not be your favorite celebrity and, given the outfits she has chosen to wear recently, she has been under some scrutiny in the public eye. While I appreciate Kim K’s good looks and sense of style, I don’t necessarily condone 33 year old moms wearing see through skirts and latex bustiers, no matter how universally beautiful they seem to be. However, each person has their own opinion and lifestyle.

Today, I have chosen to mimic a look that Kim wore traveling to her hotel in London (photo below), just before the GQ red carpet ceremony. I picked it because it’s extremely laid back compared to a lot of other ensembles that she is often photographed in and I think that anyone (including a young mom) would really be able to pull this off. Also, it would work well on anyone of any skin tone, which I find important because often Kim’s wardrobe is suited to her ultra tan complexion that only 1 in 10,000 of us are born with. Of course, if you really wanted to tailor yourself to fit into an appearance more like hers, sunless tanning is definitely an option.

kim k


Achieving this is relatively simple, believe it or not! There are five key elements to this scaled back, KK influenced, casual chic look.

Get the Look: Kim K

1) Light wash distressed jeans- Normally these would be a no-no for me because, as I once saw proven on an episode of Oprah, darker wash jeans give a more slimming effect. However, the lighter the better when you are imitating this ootd. It balances out the rest of the outfit and keeps it from looking too weighed down. I also like that the distressed is JUST at the knee area and not around the thighs or hips which, in my opinion, would severely cheapen the entire impression.

2) Striped tunic- I am a big fan of that fact that in this particular outfit, a tunic was worn instead of a standard button up. It speaks more to the mom in me I guess, as opposed to someone who was heading out for a lunch date. Tunics are a great choice for daytime wear because they have a “lived in” feel that is totally socially acceptable. Especially when they are a linen/cotton duo, like the one I chose to feature here. Plus, the vertical, double-hued stripes give the top more of an adult quality; instead of something like a hoodie.

3) SUPER strappy cognac heels- These shoes, and many pair like them, have become a Kim staple this summer. She even said in a comment on Instagram earlier this season that she had an obsession with them. Not that there is anything wrong with that, because they are BANGIN’ and that shade of brown goes with absolutely everything! (I know, I’ve said that in a few posts featuring my own love for cognac sandals. Are you seeing a trend yet?) If you don’t feel comfortable/confident in heels like this, a pair of flat, open-toed sandals would work just as well and give the overall appeal a bit more of a beachy vibe.

4) Square, black sunglasses- I have a ‘thing’ for overstated eyewear. The bigger and bolder, the better! The large, black frames that Kim is wearing in the photo are a little too big to be a typical wayfarer design, but the lenses definitely look square. Also, I noticed that the top edges come out a bit farther and seem a little winged compared to the bottom, near her cheek. After working for an eye doctor, I understand the importance of investing in superior brands of eyewear because a lot of them are more protective. However, if you are on a budget, the $6 pair I chose here will have the same desired, designer impact.

5) Simple gold chain- It’s very easy to miss in the photos but, a nice finishing touch nevertheless. Kim is wearing a simple gold chain around her neck and (as it seems) no other noticeable jewelry. I like the polish and completeness that this brings, and it dresses up the tunic a bit. But, it’s not gaudy or heavy or distracting; in fact, there is only one word I can think of– it’s appropriate.

I hope you guys enjoyed this modest and manageable celebrity look! I think it’s a perfect transition outfit between the seasons right now. Shop the items I mentioned by clicking the icons below. {There may be limited sizes/quantity of some items. Tunic also available in plus size.)
Happy Thursday!


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