My Current Skincare Routine


Hi there! I’m so glad I’ve been able to keep blogging on the regular. In fact, I have planned all of my posts for September and hope that I can deliver on time. I would like to get in as many as I can before baby comes and I inevitably have to take a little time away. That said, today’s topic is my current skincare routine. I ever-so enjoy these posts from other bloggers but, never fathomed writing one myself. However, I’ve found what works for my skin best (so far) and want to share the products that have resulted in my enthusiasm about skincare!

In the past, I have never truly (if I’m being honest) been motivated to take particularly good care of my skin. Of course, I value the use of moisturizer and have always washed my face twice daily. However, because I was never cursed with “problem” skin (i.e., pockmarks, aggressive acne…etc) I just didn’t worry over what brands and ingredients worked best. I’ve gone back and forth from Biore to Clean & Clear to Boots No7. But, as I mentioned in a previous post, my skin changed a lot when I found out I was pregnant with this child. I had to stop using a lot of my favorite cosmetics because certain things just made my skin feel greasy and overly saturated. Also, foundations would just slide off of my face because of the extra oils; a side effect of hormones.

Suddenly, I noticed breakouts that I had never had before and blemishes that were hard to cover with concealer. Plus, I knew that in the hot, summer months, I wouldn’t be wearing as much makeup and that the less coverage I had the more noticeable my imperfections would be. So, I started doing a little more than skimming the aisles at my local Target. I began reading ingredients and experimenting with combinations of skincare aids. That’s when I discovered the Burt’s Bees Brightening line. I started with just the refining tonic and then kept adding the other products.


This particular string of products is formulated to diminish any discoloration you may have, soften, and illuminate your skin. I have found that it does all three for me! Not to mention they smell GREAT! A hint of floral and citrus; definitely a botanical, organic scent.

I used the Daily Facial Cleanser  first thing in the morning and again at night. It works wondered to eliminate all the pore-clogging oil and makeup that have trapped dirt and bacteria on my face throughout the day. It doesn’t lather so, it took a few uses for me to realize that a very little bit goes a long way! I always start off with warm water to open my pores and rinse with cool to close them up a little before drying.

Next, I apply the Refining Tonic on a cotton swab; again, first thing in the morning and again, right before bed. It really does it’s best in removing any lingering remains of impurities from your face. It’s amazing to see, sometimes, the amount of makeup you still have on your face considering you just washed it. Now, I know that when I used to think my face was clean…. it wasn’t. Scary!

One thing I really love about this tonic is that, unlike many other toners and refiners, it doesn’t burn or cause redness. Just like all other Burt’s Bees products, it is almost 100% natural/organic, so it calms skin and reduces dullness gently. It calms my skin and absolutely makes me feel more radiant.

After both of those steps are complete, I use my fingers to smooth the Even Skin Tone Moisturizing Cream into my skin. I only do this in the morning as I like to allow my skin to breathe overnight. The serum is almost pearlescent and not too thick or thin. It doesn’t make my skin feel weighed down or slimy and is the perfect skin prep for makeup application, whether dewy or matte. It keeps my face hydrated but, it doesn’t feel excessively lubricating.

The Deep Down Detox Mask (by Formula 10.0.6) that I mentioned in my August Favorites post is an extra step to this regimen that I added. While I obviously adore Burt’s Bees, they only offer one kind of mask and it’s for intense hydration. I don’t have dry skin so, I would rather use a mask that will work hard to clear out the grime that gets accumulated in my pores. I’ve tried a ton of mask formulas but this, by far, is my favorite– and for only $5.99! The fragrance is orange + bergamot and it’s a  very silky, thick cream. It’s meant to be spread thin and it dries quickly. I usually leave it on for about 15-30 minutes (depending on how sidetracked I get when I’m wearing it) once a week.

Following these 4 simple steps on a regular basis has made all the difference! I really thought that at 22 years old, my skin couldn’t get much better but, I realized after I started this routine that I was wrong. Skin can always be improved and when it’s done with natural products, it’s all the more to be enjoyed.

Have y’all tried any of these yourself? What were the pros or cons? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy Monday 🙂

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