Candle Lovers Unite: Candelles Cozy Pack

You might love me after this post but, I can’t say your wallet will! 😉

I’m so thrilled to be able to put this article up because it is my first officially fall themed article. And what better subject for it to be on than autumn scented candles?! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

The company that I’m highlighting is Candelles, an eco-friendly, soy wax, candle shop. All opinions are my own; please see company website for full product descriptions.

I have been obsessing over the Candelles instagram feed for MONTHS. (You guys have probably grossly underestimated my love of candles until now. It’s a little embarrassing haha) But, about three or four weeks ago they released these lovely little 3-packs for just $20!


The packs are marketed by predetermined complementary sets of three, 4 oz candles. The “Adventure Pack” is based on outdoor, fall foliage. The “Cozy Pack” is a collection of comfortable, familiar autumn scents. Last, but not least, the “Pumpkin Pack” has three different variations of the fall favorite, pumpkin, with a twist. It was ridiculously hard for me to choose because, after visiting their website and reading the fragrance descriptions, I was overwhelmed with choices! I wanted them all! In the end, though, I bought the “Cozy Pack”.

Imagine how delighted I was when I not only got a shipping notification on Labor Day butttt…. opened the mailbox a few days later to these well-packaged, hand-poured, mini jar candles. I’m telling you guys, this company works incredibly hard! If you follow Kelley on Twitter or Instagram via @Candelles, you know she is always striving to give her customers the next best thing. She graciously answers any questions and is constantly giving updates about their most loved products, including inventory restock…etc.

All Candelles products are completely vegan too! Using 100% natural essential oils, non-treated lead-free cotton wicks, and no dye!


When I opened my pack “Cabin Getaway” was the first one I decided to burn on my bedside table to relax. It was definitely the right choice! And I 100% know that the smell has great pay-off because I was simultaneously painting my fingernails… I barely smelled the acetone at all!
“Cabin Getaway” has a subtle smokey scent; a little woody with a hint of dried fruit/potpourri. To me, it says, “Let’s cuddle”, which is perfect for evening. I can’t wait to burn this one when it’s cold enough to sit fireside in my living room (as if it’s ever that cold in NC!) and watch football with my hubby. If that doesn’t shout KEEPER!, I don’t know what does. 🙂


“Favorite Sweater” has a very unique smell and I have a really hard time trying to explain it… It’s almost like fabric softener + your favorite, holey sweater + fresh air. I don’t know how but, it truly smells like all of those things at the same time! It’s a very natural and crisp scent; not overwhelming in the least. I will probably burn this right beside a barely cracked open window this fall so that the crisp air can carry the smell throughout the room. Maybe, just maybe, I can sit and enjoy the fragrance, close my eyes, and pretend my entire house is as clean as this candle makes it smell. 😉 With THREE kids in the house, I might just need that!


“In The Kitchen” is a typical candle I would pick out. When I opened it, I felt like someone had just put my soul in a jar. (Of course, my soul would be found in the kitchen!) It’s a spicy, vanilla aroma. Rich, but not staggering. And, in my opinion, the perfect incense to burn before you have friends or family over since I think it has the most general appeal. It’s snuggly, warm– gives you that “Ahhh, fall is finally here” feeling. A truly lovely, atmospheric candle. ❤

So, will I buy from Candelles again? You betcha! In fact, I have another candle from them on my wishlist already, which I’ll be sharing with you on Friday. 🙂
What about you? Do you intend to check out this company? Or, do you already have any fall favorite scents burning in your home?
Let me know in the comments!

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