Fresh Picks: Newborn Must-Haves

34Weeks • Nothing new to report. But, here's a secret for ya... I don't know a lot of women that are happy with their bodies, whether they are at their ideal weight or not. Surprisingly, despite the discomfort, I am most satisfied with my body image when I'm pregnant. (True for both pregnancies.) It's when I take the best care of myself and actually listen to how I feel. My goal is to get to the same point, mentally, AFTER little lady decides to come on out and meet us!

34Weeks • Nothing new to report. But, here’s a secret for ya… I don’t know a lot of women that are happy with their bodies, whether they are at their ideal weight or not. Surprisingly, despite the discomfort, I am most satisfied with my body image when I’m pregnant. (True for both pregnancies.) It’s when I take the best care of myself and actually listen to how I feel. My goal is to get to the same point, mentally, AFTER little lady decides to come on out and meet us!

This evening Hubby and I are heading out to our childbirth class “refresher”. At first, I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to take a course to virtually walk through everything I already did with my first labor and delivery experience. But, as this pregnancy has gone on- realizing how different it was from E- I thought, maybe the birthing experience will be less similar too.

With E is was ALL about doing it ‘au naturale’ with no epidural or pain meds… and I succeeded. This time around, although I deeply want to do it the same way, I also want to be prepared for if my body simply won’t allow it. Because of these reasons, and many more, Jon and I agreed that it would be best if we just went to the class and RE-prepared ourselves for the possibilities. Now, that the time has come for us to actually attend, it’s hard for me to imagine that I will have a newborn in my arms sometime within the next 6 weeks! CRAZY!

All in all, I’m scared and ready. Two completely contrasting emotions occupying the same amount of space in my head and heart. So, what else would a soon-to-be mom (again) do other than start nesting and do some baby shopping?!

Below is a list of 10 items (catering towards baby girls, in my case, but many items can be gender neutral) that I love for newborns. Most of these I didn’t discover until after having my 1st so, needless to say, this babe may be a tad more spoiled than the last. But, we don’t have to tell anyone! (Shhh!) I considered posting only one of these shops per week but, at this point I don’t have enough weeks left! So, I apologize in advance for the incredibly LONG article.

1. Rockin’ Baby Pouch

Photo c/o Google Images

Not everyone is a fan of baby wearing. I’ve had friends that absolutely hated it OR their baby didn’t really like it; sometimes both. Personally, though, I think it’s great. It gives me a good feeling that my baby is still being comforted and loved on, even when I have things to get done. Housework is way less of a chore when I don’t have to shuffle a baby back and forth from hip to hip. And, while I don’t constantly hold my children, it’s hard to just set down a teething, snot-nosed baby and let them cry while you fold laundry.

With E I tried the Moby wrap, which I really liked the concept of but, it just didn’t work out well for us. I felt like the overall design was too complicated for just one person to pull off and E hated having his head tucked inside of it (part of the hold for newborns & small babies). Let’s face it, when your baby is uncomfortable, you’re uncomfortable. So, when I saw a friend of mine with one of these, I knew I wanted to try it out! The rockin’ baby  brand makes two kinds of baby wearing options: the sling and the pouch. The pouch suits my personal comfort level so that’s what I ended up purchasing.

Like any “give back” products (Rockin Baby donates a sling to a mother in need with each purchase) the downside is the price. I couldn’t really justify spending $100 on a baby carrier! Fortunately, though, I found a brand new, in the box, one on eBay and scooped it up for $30! These are also available at Nordstrom and during sales on sites like They are adjustable in size and hold children up to 40 pounds! I have already tested this out with E, who is 24 lbs, and it is still quite comfortable to tote him.

2. Moccasins 

Photo c/o Freshly Picked website

I’m what you might call a “moccaholic” mom. Baby girl already has 2 pair and I’m saving up for more! Then again, I did claim a while back that she would be a wild, elephant riding, bohemian so moccs would fit right in, I suppose.

I didn’t try moccasins on E. He wasn’t a big advocate of shoes until he was about 9 months and, even now, he’d rather be barefoot. (Just like his mama!) However, having this little lady in the fall has really made me think about baby fashion in a way that I normally wouldn’t. Once it gets cold outside, baby tootsies need covered up! Why not at least make the cover up cuter than some plain jane socks? And the great thing is, they can be as girly or as gender neutral as you like!

I adore the designs over at Freshly Picked  (pictured above) and have recently contacted them about a collab, which I will keep you posted on if it goes through. If you haven’t checked them out before, PLEASE do! Everyone from the stay at home mom to Kim Kardashian has their kid in these moccs…. AND they just released a (limited edition) denim on denim version for fall!!!!!

However, at regular price their darling booties are around $60. I have found other more affordable options like from Old Navy (which also come in an awesome boot version), shops like Sweet Lucy Jack, Willow & Fig, or Hubble + Duke. Or, you could go with one of my faves, the original moccasin, Minnetonka!

3. Sweet Littles Handmade

Katy is a genius when it comes to doll making!

Photo c/o Sweet Littles Handmade website

When I was growing up I was a bit too tom-boyish to have a lot of dolls and my mom never made me feel like I needed them to be girly. While all of my other friends were adding to their Barbie collections, I was pretending to be Harriet the Spy or had my nose in a book. Honestly, I’m sure if my dolls would’ve held up against bike wrecks, maybe I would’ve been more inclined… Who knows. Anyway, the point is, even though I have always wanted a little girl I am much more accustomed to gender specific toys pertaining to boys (i.e., transformers, cars, trains…etc) and my husband is deathly afraid of humanoid looking dolls.

That being said, once I discovered Sweet Littles Handmade via Instagram, I knew I wanted my little girl to have one. Now, these make great gifts/investments because they are not only almost 100% hand stitched, there are many, many different designs and add-ons to choose from OR you can get a custom one-of -a-kind just for the little love in your life. These dolls retail for about $90-$100 (more or less depending on the specific doll). However, if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on the occasional coupon code or take advantage of a flash sale you may just score your doll 50% off, like I did.
And yeah, the truth is that newborns can play with dolls but, these are so gorgeous that they could be used as decor in the room until the child is old enough to enjoy their extra special playmate more fully.

Katy Rae can pretty much work magic with the end of a needle. She makes mini dolls ($34.50), tiny dolls($12), sweet little dude dolls, and can even create and heirloom doll with a clothing item(s) of your choice. I have seen her do wonders with worn wedding veils! Please, please check out her amazing online store and follow her on instagram guys– you won’t regret it!

4. BlaBla Kids Shop

Photo c/o Blabla website

I was introduced to Blabla by one of my favorite bloggers, Taylor Sterling. Who just so happens to be one of the most stunning new moms ever, too! Everything she buys for her home and her daughter are impeccable, always.

Anyway, when she had her daughter about eight months back I noticed the dolls that would often accompany her little lady in the photos on instagram looked awfully plush and huggable. Being the amazing product promoter she is, she of course tagged Blala and I was able to browse their profile as well. I saw a lot of cute things but, I just couldn’t get over the dolls. They aren’t traditional and are Peruvian made. They’re almost more of a stuffed animal and made to last. Plus, it doesn’t help that I fall in love with almost all things knitted because they get softer and softer over time like the best, worn sweater in the world. And who wouldn’t want their kid to have a product that feels like their mom’s fave, comfy sweater and that’s gonna be their best friend for life?

Photo c/o Blabla website

I ended up splurging on the Mini Apple Doll (directly above), which I purchased through Layla Grayce. I did this primarily because I find that shipping, when you buy directly from Blala online, is much more expensive than secondary sources. Soon after Apple arrived I started coveting the sun pillow (ft. above) for my daughter’s nursery which I have not yet justified purchasing so it remains on my wishlist. But, truthfully, you could search Blala’s website for hours just looking at everything they have to offer; three different kinds of dolls that come in an expansive range of characters, colors, and designs, doll costumes, children’s bedding and decor… the list goes on and on. Definitely worth taking a look at for moms of either gender.

I know that some of you are still thinking that toys/dolls/pillows are a little impractical for newborns but, this is a figurative must-have list. Not a definitely need list. Every new mom needs burp clothes, and diaper rash cream, and the occasional netflix binge. But, keep in mind that while you may not find some of these things practical to purchase now, you might come back to them later, or they can give you decor, outfit, and even DIY ideas!

5. Gigglosophy

Photo c/o Etsy

Tanya, of Gigglosophy, is a true artist. She makes the sweetest, sentimental jewelry and sells it in her Etsy shop– all available for customization. I knew that when I contacted her to make something special for my babe, she would deliver. And deliver she did! She also made me a bracelet with all my littles initials on them + hearts in a custom metal combination. One of my fave pieces to wear to date!

The great thing about “newborn” jewelry is that it can be for the baby, the mama, or both. Whether you want a custom newborn bracelet, a bracelet or necklace, or even earrings with your child’s initials, name, birthday…etc., Tanya can make it happen! What I really love a lot about my bracelet, in particular, is that the charms are fixed so they don’t slide all over the place while you are wearing it and the closure is easy to maneuver. I always hate having to one handedly, awkwardly try to clasp a piece of jewelry alone or get my husband (or better yet, a perfect stranger) to do it for me.

Tanya is a very generous shop owner and willing to work with clients on prices if you’re ordering more than one custom item from her. She is sincere, funny, and honest. Not to mention she is a fellow mama!

6. Boco Baby

Photo c/o Boco Baby Website

So, if the description on that photo doesn’t say it all, then I don’t know what does. Boco Baby is owned and operated by Chandler Skyes out of Boulder, CO. What started as a simple hobby, turned into moms all over the world drooling over her organic fabrics, friendly designs, and detailed font; wanting to announce their baby’s name in Boco style.

These items are high quality, creative, custom keepsakes that are functional as well. Goods come in the form of blankets/swaddles, leggings, headbands, hats, entire outfits, and newborn sets. Although the process takes time, the fabric is printed to specific customer notations and requests. I definitely couldn’t be happier with what I ordered from Chandler and the lovely ladies that were involved each step of the way!

7. LovedByHannah&Eli

Photo c/o LovedByHannah&Eli website

I don’t know a whole lot of shop owners that spread the love more than Sarah Duncan does with LovedByHannah&Eli– an online clothing phenomenon that began with inspiration from her two children.

By starting this company Sarah has had overwhelming success by marketing to ‘mama bears’ (and now ‘papa bears’ too) worldwide. Her “Bear Collection”-the most sought after items in the shop- is ever-growing. Adding new products and designs constantly to stay on top of the flourishing admiration for their hipster style, which now includes not only tees and tanks but, sweatshirts, infant rompers and onesies! There’s a little something for everyone! Including Mason Disick (Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest son) who has been seen wearing the classic “Man Cub” and “Brother Bear” designs on various occasions.

A couple of weeks ago, when LovedByHannah&Eli expanded their infant options even more by adjoining the above “Sleepy Bear” gown to the selection, I knew I wanted to be a part of supporting this small business even more. My petite miss will be dawning this gown soon after she’s evicted from my belly and boy!, do I wish it had been around when E was born. Newborns are so perfectly lethargic and content in their slumber, even if it’s only until the next feeding time. If only we could all be sleepy bears a bit more often!

My other personal favorites on the site are the raw edge, “Mama Bear” sweatshirt (which I have yet to purchase) and the “Laundry Day” women’s t-shirt that was recently  released. I swear the poly-cotton blend is so comfortable and the orchid color is beautiful! Just girly enough to liven up a long day of washing dirty socks and folding transformer themed underwear. LOL! Oh, sorry– is that just me?

(Both items seen below)

 Seriously, though, loves. Go and share some of the excitement by following LovedByHannah&Eli on Instagram or drop an email to

Photo c/o LovedByHannah&Eli website

Photo c/o LovedByHannah&Eli website

8. MeLuvKush

Photo c/o MeLuvKush

Many of you (maybe none of you) probably have not heard the words ‘godee’ or ‘godhri’ before. I know I sure didn’t before I ran across a photo on instagram of an adorable baby being held in one. That single photo led me to MeLuvKush.

Photo c/o

 The godee is used as a three-in-one, functional baby blanket. Originally it’s meant to envelop the baby, while being held, to ward off germs. For instance, when my step-son comes home from school and wants to hold baby but, forgets to wash his hands first. In addition though, the envelope unzips to become a small playmat or changing pad. I love double (or triple) functioning products.

The designs and colors are just lovely; designed by a mama of two in NYC, the mock-ups are sent to a small group of ladies in Jaipur, India where the stencils, blocks, and fabrics are all put together to bring the idea to life. Completely hand-stitched, enforced, and lightly padded– comfy for baby and mama. I love how it looks like a mini sleeping bag!

MeLuvKush (translated from Hindi into baby language) means, ‘I Love Happiness’ and every photo I’ve seen of a baby in one of these seems pretty darn happy to me! The only thing that might not make some moms smile as big as their bundles of joy is that these newborn “nap”sacks retail for about $65 + shipping. If you’re interested in trying one out for your baby, I might suggest putting it on a wishlist for your family and friends to consider buying you as a gift. (Use a site like Or, you can do what I did and search on eBay. I ended up getting mine, brand new, for less than half the price with free shipping! Yay for bargain hunting!

9. Burt’s Bees Baby

I’m not ashamed to say it. Besides you probably already know. I’m obsessed with Burt’s Bees!

Photo c/o

One of my absolute favorite gifts to give (and get 😉 ) at a baby shower is the above gift set of varying soaps, skin care items, and treatments by Burt’s Bees and sold at Target. Everything within is petroleum-free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, and paraben-free. Also, Burt’s Bees Baby sells some whimsical little bathtime tins on their website filled with baby basics. The little robes have to be my weakness!

I can’t leave it at that though. I’m also a huge fan of their cute little outfit and/or pajama sets. One of the very first outfits I ever bought for E was from this company and I have never regretted it. Super soft, shows hardly any wear after washing, fit is impeccable, and the colors are true to the site. Some, not all, of the clothing products are available at Target (mostly online) and can often be found in the sale section. Whatever the case, though, I don’t think anyone can have a baby in the 21st century without Burt’s Bees Baby in their life.

Photo c/o

10. Blooming Bath

Photo c/c BloomingBath

I will admit that I do not own one of these (YET) nor have I had personal experience with this product. I felt, though, that it was warranted to make this list because A) I have heard nothing but good reviews! Be it online or from friends. B.) Those reviews, comments, and experiences were so convincing that I ended up adding this to my registry. I am very, very excited to try this one out!

When E was born, Hubby and I went with a traditional baby bath that props baby up in the regular bathtub. WORST mistake ever. I wrenched my back over that thing for months when I was bathing E. He wasn’t big enough to take a bath without it, our sinks weren’t big enough to fit him, and I didn’t feel all that comfortable about a baby taking over my precious shower time. Not to mention, as a new mom, I was thinking the worst about him getting all slippery with soap and falling right out of my arms! Totally different from my parents with me.

Anyway, my friend got one of these when her daughter was born and, after that, I started seeing them everywhere! The great thing is that they are meant to adjust to any sink (and now that we’ve moved that shouldn’t be an issue anyway). It’s not only incredibly cute but, it’s said to cuddle your baby, be extremely soft, and– did I mention how inconvenient it is to hunch over a bathtub for months at a time?! It’s also hang dry and dryer safe so, if taken care of, it won’t harbor bacteria or grow mold. Meant for babies 0-6 months but can be used longer depending on you babies size and/or comfort level.

Although, they say it is exclusively available on their website it is also available online and in-stores at Target. Like I said, it’s currently on my registry. If I end up not liking the product I’ll be happy to post a revision of this article or write another one entirely talking about my trial period using it and what the pros/cons of it are.

Thanks so much for reading this. If you’ve stuck with me to the end then I really truly appreciate it and hope you found SOME of the info above helpful or interesting; enlightening in the least?
If you have questions or comments please be sure to leave them below or send me an email. You know I love hearing from you!

Have a fantastic day! ❤

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