A/W 2014: Neon

I was scanning the pages of Marie Claire (September ’14 issue) and spotted a really different way to wear neons. Of course, the images and styles in a glossy are normally taken straight from the runway but, I found them all so wearable and adaptable that I just couldn’t resist the urge to post about it. Honestly, such an easy trend to recreate.
Most of us think of the heat of summer when we think of neons. Especially when those colors are bright hues of orange, pink, green, and yellow. But, according to the fashion world, it’s time that these vivid tones make their way into our autumn and winter wardrobes too.
The New Neon
The recommended way of doing this is to choose a chunky, knit sweater, featuring your favorite neon shade. {Marie Claire focused on this gleaming, cirtus green color so that’s what I chose to highlight here as well}. By pairing this piece with a black, quilted leather skirt and knee-high black boots, you can not only tone down & balance the boldness of the green but, look very cosmo chic.
Originally, if I hadn’t seen the outfit idea demonstrated and only explained to me, I would’ve thought “space cadet”. But, after seeing the entire thing assembled with metallic accents, a daring smokey eye, and nude lip… I’m a believer! Also, depending on the length of the skirt, heel of the boot, and style of sweater (slouchy vs tailored) it can be either very casual, work appropriate, or fun for a night out. There are a ton of different approaches to making this concept your own! I am definitely encouraged to find neon items I like this season and incorporate them into elements I already own.
What do you think of this twist on neons for A/W 2014? Hate it or love it? Already tried it? Let me know in the comments!
Also, look below for some neon inspiration photos ❤

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