Guest Post: LifeBeingGirly on Creating A Life You Love

Hi, loves! Sorry it’s been so incredibly quiet around the blog this week. I had a few things scheduled but not entirely ready to be posted and have felt all-around terrible every day this week. The stress on my body and the stress of getting everything arranged around the house before our baby shower this weekend has seriously taken a toll. Not to mention, last night was the first time I’ve gotten more than three or four hours of sleep in the last week. So, here I am, currently sitting on my couch, pumpkin spice latte in hand, trying to mentally prepare myself my a doctor’s appointment I’m dreading… Who am I kidding? I dread them all!

Anyway, my lovely blogger buddy, Christina from LifeBeingGirly was kind enough to contrive a guest post for me and I am thrilled that she was able to do so! If you haven’t already read her, make sure to check out her blog when you’re finished here 🙂 She’s honest, relatable, and playful! Her goal is to post every day; her content is refreshingly feminine and completely original. Today, she is going to discuss her views on creating a life you love. Thanks for stopping by and please, enjoy!



How To Create A Life You Love- by Lifebeinggirly

As women, we tend to be grateful for what we have at any given moment. This is a positive thing because we are aware of our current life situation. Even if the job at hand is stressful, pays little, or has no perks, we tell ourselves not to pursue something else in fear of losing it by some form of universal power and don’t want to jinx our good thing.

But what if we acted on our gut feelings?

What if carrying out our gut feelings that may make us happier, even though we’re fearful of losing it all.

We start explaining to our friends and family all the reasons why we stay at our current job/school/etc. because of reason #1 and reason #2 but still complain of feeling drained and slightly uncomfortable.

Face is utterly puzzled. You decide to sleep on it and not go back to this feeling until another bad day. You start listing more reasons and exclaim again, “I really love {specific part of job} BUT I wish it was this or I don’t like such and such. And I don’t want to make any decisions based on my feelings.” Hmmm.

As the listener, I can’t help but notice that I have had this self-talk before. It was a nagging feeling that kept going back and forth. I’ll be okay, but what if…I’ll just stay for a while longer and wait till I find another place. Job security. Don’t leave a sure thing even though you’re just going through the motions.

While these are legit and great reasons to stay at your current place (in work, in life, in school, in the universe) the other half I notice is you leaving behind all your hesitations and just going for it.

What would you go for if you knew nothing stood in your way? What would that life look like?

For me, it would be working in different countries that needed Mental Health Counselors for therapy. I would be in great shape because I said, “Yes!” to every invitation I received. I’d be with my husband for everything because I can’t imagine being away from him for more than 8 hours at a time. I would love to live somewhere beautiful, like San Francisco, so that I could experience the OTHER Bay Area, The West Coast. Or even New York City. I would strut around as if I was in a Carrie Bradshaw and Rebecca Bloomwood sandwich.

Just a big city with lots to explore. All while blogging my girly heart out to share my experiences, of course!

So, now it’s YOUR turn. What would you do if you knew nothing stood in your way? What would it look like? Would you be happy?

I know it can be scary to leave something that is a sure thing, but if you’re unhappy, why do it?? Find something that makes YOU happy. Life is too short to be stuck in something you hate or makes you look tired or sad. It’s not worth it! When you are finally honest with yourself and not feel ashamed to admit it, this is your time to start creating the live you can love.

For example, “I just want to make more money! Is that bad?”

No, no it’s not bad if you are trying to start a family or want to travel the world., you are on your way to creating a life you love. Don’t ever feel guilty for the life you want. Being assertive and taking charge of what you want in life with no apologies is not only inspiring, but uplifting to your overall well-being. I bet the second you are honest and just go for what you want, you will feel like a #GirlBoss X10!

Have you created a life that you love? If so, how did you go about it? I’d love to hear your story!

Not only because I’m nosy, but it could also inspire another woman’s inner #GirlBoss she’s been keeping tamed.

❤ always,

Christina @

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