What I Like About You: Vlogger Crush ft. NikkieTutorials

Hello again! Here I find myself cleaning the house sitting around, having intermittent contractions, nomming on Oreos, & impulse buying on Etsy and Sephora…And another thing that you know I do when I have spare time  don’t have a child hanging from one of my limbs and following me to the bathroom– watching makeup tutorials!

I thought, in light of that, I would share one of my biggest Youtube vlogger crushes at the moment, Nikkie from NikkieTutorials. She’s a hot to trot Hollander and boy! does she know makeup! I find myself tuning into her channel regularly though, not just because of her technique and personal style but, because she makes me laugh! Turning on Nikkie’s smiling face and silly sense of humor has literally gotten me through some of my dreariest days during these last few months of pregnancy.

Nikkie started her Youtube channel in 2008 after she was inspired by watching other beauty bloggers show off their skills on camera. Now, as she has grown her channel and networked with other fashionistas, she is regarded as the #1 subscribed to beauty channel in the Netherlands! Check out her VERY FIRST video, just for kicks!



As a 20 year old, Nikkie has already accomplished quite a lot. From completing a professional makeup course at B Academy in Amsterdam, to joining Pascale Tesser’s Colourfool Agency as a qualified MUA, and now striking out to do freelance work with a fully loaded portfolio. Find additional info about Nikkie on her site NikkieTutorials.com and make sure to visit her FAQ page for even more fun facts.


Nikkie has such a unique look and it seems like she can pull off almost every style, from flirty school-girl to edgy, mysterious punk rocker. No one could call her blue eyes and blonde hair typical when they see her transform, whether inspired by a celebrity look or by the weather. One of her latest videos for a fall sexy/smoldering eye is one of my favorites! (And… it inspired me to break my budget a little 😉 ) There is no limit to her talent, her hilarity, or her success. I am particularly drawn to the fact that although she is much more fair-skinned than I am, she is able to accommodate a number of different appearances to match her specific color palette. Which, in my opinion, is awesome because it doesn’t make her videos seem like “look-alikes”; all of them are adaptable and well thought out.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be high maintenance when it comes to your daily makeup routine or you aren’t a beauty blogger yourself, take a minute to go over to Nikkie’s channel and watch a flick or two. Or just be friendly & say hey to her on twitter— she’s super interactive with her followers. 🙂 Who can resist an adorable girl who’s got wit?  Honestly, loves, you won’t regret  heading on over and taking a look for yourself. I hope you enjoy the tips, tricks, and amusement you’re sure to receive!


Do you already subscribe to Nikkie’s channel? What is one of your favorite looks she’s re/created? Leave me comments and let me know what you think!

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