“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

I am EXTREMELY grateful today. Not only for the words of L. M. Montgomery (the title of this post) which reflects my feelings completely but, I am thankful for this particular day in October especially.


October 15th is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance day. Crucially and fondly remembering the lives of babies who existed and yet died unborn during miscarriage, were stillborn, or were a casualty of SIDS. There are many more conditions also that can affect both mom and baby, resulting in sad times and causing families much grief.

The aim of this special day is to provide awareness to others about the loss of these lives so they will not be forgotten and so that the families do not have to grieve in silence. October 15th is a day of celebrating those small humans and understanding the pain of one another’s loss.

Today, I am one of the fortunate parents who can say that (thus far) I have been lucky enough to escape the scar of losing a child. In fact, we welcomed our baby girl into the world today! A whole 13 days early! And boy, do I ever pray for her (and all of my kids’) safety and health.

Please meet Charlotte Eisley Roux 🙂 8 pounds, 1 oz, 20 inches long. Born at 11:39 AM. We couldn’t be more enchanted!
I would appreciate if you gave me just a little time to get back to blogging regularly when I get out of the hospital ❤ You guys are the best!



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