Hello November: October Faves & Raves


Fall has changed me for the better this year and I am hoping that as the new year approaches I can learn more about myself and improve in the coming months. Some things may stay the same but, many things in 2014 have changed. Recently, I have seen the need to just let go of things that don’t make me happy and hold on tighter to the things that do.

That being said, I wanna tell you about a few things that have contributed to my overall happiness (materially) in the past month. But, of course, nothing beats having a new baby around! 😉 Here goes….

1. Nick & Nora Pj’s



I am seriously wearing these pj’s day in and day out right now. They are the SOFTEST! 100% cotton but they almost feel like flannel. SO WARM! And I’m extremely grateful for that considering the temps in the Carolina’s has dropped drastically in the last couple of weeks. I’m talking hail and SNOW!

Anyway, for $30 (plus, I had a gift card so I scored some $ off) these are a great buy and super cute! Now, all I need is for the propane tank to get hooked up so I can cozy up by the fire. Doesn’t sound half bad, right?

2. Olay ‘Winter Spice’ Body Wash

I can’t seem to find a link to purchase this and I’m not sure if that’s because it’s unavailable or it’s in store only. But, if you are fortunate enough to find this at your local drug store, Target…etc., pick it up! Smells DIVINE; like a wintertime holiday in a bottle. The perfect mix of pungent and polished– cinnamon, vanilla, creamy… It’s a GREAT scent for the season and I really hope Olay produces at least through Christmas so that I can restock a couple of times! Not to mention, it feels very nourishing and soothing on the skin; a luxury for new mom’s everywhere whose showering alone might as well be the equivalent to a day at the spa!

3. MAC Select Coverup

I know that this is like a forever favorite of every makeup guru ever but, now, as a mom of two under two and step-mom to an 8 yr old who has massive amounts of homework for a 2nd grader this has brought new life to my face. Haha!

When I first bought this formula (a million years ago) I was very impressed with how even it went on and how long it lasted. Then, I was looking at it as more of an under-eye highlight and a way to hide little problem blemishes. But, you better believe that after not sleeping through the entire night for the last 3 weeks had me running back to the MAC counter once again. Even though it’s a little stickier than I remember, I am still loving this for covering under-eye circles and a couple of little, hormone-induced breakouts. There are just some things MAC does right, and this is one of them.

If you haven’t tried this yet, don’t hesitate. The price point is higher than a regular, drug store brand concealer but, the results are worth it.

4. Evolution & Liberty Creek

I literally CRAVED wine during my pregnancy but, obviously didn’t indulge in it. In the meantime, my husband (a wannabe wine connoisseur) discovered some pretty tasty bits and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to have a nip or two the last couple of weeks… FINALLY!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to wine but, I know what I like and when I find it I stick to it. Here are just a couple of affordable bottles we’ve enjoyed recently…

Evolution white wine has a crisp taste and pairs well with almost anything. The taste is versatile and we’ve found it brings out the best in most palettes. Only $13-$15 RP. 12% alcohol.

Liberty Creek’s sweet red is VERY sweet and definitely a dessert wine. You can’t even taste the alcohol (10%) and, instead, the rich flavors of cherry and boysenberries come through for a very sophisticated, ‘juicy’ drink. Just $7-$8!!

I hope you are all starting off the first week of November on the right foot! Happy Monday! And if you have any October favorites to share, be sure to comment or leave your link below ❤

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