Falling for Forever 21

Cardigans are my absolute favorite thing in the world. It’s a sickness. Honestly, I would wear them (and who says I already don’t?) daily. There are a ton of different silhouettes that I am lusting after, at all different price points. From FarFetch to ModCloth… I am genuinely obsessed with the look and feel of shrugs, sweaters, and jumpers alike. And autumn is the perfect excuse to indulge in buying as many of them as possible.

Over the last ten years or so I have gone from being a preteen who was completely obsessed with the seemingly fashion forward styles that Forever 21 has/had to offer to being slightly disappointed with the mediocre quality and wildly costumed mannequins. As of the recent past, and the present, I am reasonably impressed with their selection of transition items; cardigans in particular.

Last year, after E was born, I was happy to see that Forever 21 had a variety of options to helped me conceal the postpartum parts that I was uncomfortable with and accentuate the parts that I was proud of. Let’s just admit it ladies… You get a newfound sense of pride about your boobs after you have a baby. HA! 😉 Needless to say, overall beauty is more than just skin deep and confidence comes from more than just new clothes. That being said, treating yourself to a few new items no matter the physical reason (or be there no reason at all) tends to make even the most self-conscious of us feel freshened up and more sure of ourselves.

I’m all for crazy patterns and color but, because of the affordability, accessibility, and coziness of Forever 21 cardi’s I’ve put together a collage of my top 6 basics that are a must-have for any mix & match wardrobe; especially if you’re on a budget and are living in a bipolar state (like I am) where it’s 40 degrees one day and 70 the next!

forever 21 basic cardi's

Shop this set below and check out some other exceptional styles they have up for grabs right now. Dress them up, dress them down but, most importantly, stay snug! 🙂 Happy Hump Day!


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