Goodbye Autumn: November 2014 Favorites

It’s been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog. To be completely honest, I don’t have a good excuse, other than being overwhelmed by responsibility… and who doesn’t have that? C’mon, you know you’re nodding your head as you sip your third cup of coffee. 😉
Between taking care of the kiddos, trying to spend quality time with the hubby, housework, organizing collaborations, social engagements….etc., I feel like the “extra” hour we got by turning our clocks back is basically non-existent. Ever so slowly, as I think I’m finding my way back to a routine, a new wrench gets thrown into the works. Sometimes I feel like everything gets tossed up in the air and I’m waiting to see where it all will land. Other times, I just want to ignore it and shield myself with an umbrella.
However, I have scrambled to get my list of favorites up early this month since I know the majority of you will be spending a long, cozy weekend sleeping off a heavy meal with your families. So, let’s get to it; shall we?
november 2014
  • NYX Butter Gloss in “Creme Brulee”– I’ve been after these butter glosses for a while now. I see them used over and over by Nikkie from NikkieTutorials; finally I couldn’t resist picking one up at Target the other week. I’m so glad I did! New favorite gloss; hands down. Although “Creme Brulee” is just a basic nudy/pink (and the most popular out of the selection) it goes on SO smoothly and melds seamlessly onto your natural lip color or a similarly toned lipstick. I’m loving layering this over NARS matte lipstick in “Bangkok”.
  • Ardell “Demi Wispies”– Ardell lashes have long been a favorite of mine and when they came out with the Demi Wispies I immediately fell in love. Now, that’s been quite a while back but, I have recently rediscovered just how much I adore these and how easy they are to apply. I’m not the best at putting foreign, fluffy objects (like lashes) close to my eyes but, I’ve always liked the way they look. However, I noticed over time that when I used brands like Velour, the lashes are so thick and the spine is SO black that it’s extremely noticeable when they aren’t expertly placed. The Demi Wispies have a virtually invisible band and just the right amount of volume for a natural, glam look. I think I need to buy stock in Ardell.
  • L’oreal Magic Lumi Primer– This primer is wonderful! I have always used a matte primer and was really pleased with it; having no desire to go search for another. Then, I saw this one on YouTube and thought, “What the hay! It’s only $10 or $12 bucks. If I hate it, I’ll know better next time.” I’m so glad I bought this! It’s light infusing but, not greasy, and keeps my makeup in place all day! Smooth, subtle, and stunning– a definite repurchase in my book!
  • Tamanna Palette (Anastasia Beverly Hills)– This is my first Anastasia Beverly Hills purchase and, trust me, there will be a full review to come! (Be on the lookout!) These shadows are incredibly pigmented = great pay off. Also, incredibly smooth and long-wearing. Wonderful fall/winter colors and not over priced; I’ve paid much more for inferior products. And now that they have released their single shadows I might be in trouble since I can get a couple of my favorite shades in a bigger size!
  • Forever 21 Cable Knit Batwing Cardigan– This is one of the cardigans you guys saw a few posts back… When I got it, I almost took it back because I wasn’t sure that batwing was the best for me. But, eventually, my husband talked me into keeping it and I’ve been living it ever since. It’s just about like wearing a socially acceptable blanket. This lovely little staple comes in three colors… check it out!



  • Iced Io Statement Earrings– BaubleBar is one of my favorite places online to look for affordable jewelry. And, their rewards system? On point! So, when I saw these earrings and I had enough brownie points in my account to get a few bucks off, it was inevitable that these were going to be mine. They are now my go-to accessory since my postpartum wardrobe consists of mostly ho-hum clothing that can use just the right about of pizzazz that these supply. With new arrivals every week that are just as dandy as these, you know you wanna head over to their site. 😉
  • AfterLight– AfterLight is the app I’ve been using non-stop this month. As a photographer, I always have my camera and my phone nearby. Also, I love following people on Instagram that have interesting photos, edited impeccably, on their feed. When one of them recommended AfterLight, I tried it out and love it! Granted, I use it in combination with the dozen other photo altering applications on my phone. That said, they provide some great features within this software; not limited to just the filters alone. For $0.99, it’s worth giving a whirl.


That’s it, guys- my favorite things for this month! I hope you guys have an awesome week’s end; enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation! I’ll see you back here December 1st ❤

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