Winter Outfit Inspiration: Lily Collins

Happy Friday!
Lily Collins is a well-known celebrity and has a very distinct, sought after style. She has a classic beauty and unassuming air that wears well with unexpected pieces. Many ensembles we see her in, with the exception of red carpet events, are a mash-up of designer and vintage, Lily recently divulged.
While I love a bargain hunting celeb, I especially love the ones who do it right!
I stumbled across this photo (below) of Lily as she was arriving to LAX airport from Paris in October. She had the very cute, incognito look going on and it struck me as just perfect for fall and winter. It also gave a lot of flexibility. Not just in comfort and places you could wear it but, in personalization. Don’t like the color of the hat? Change it up! Don’t care for the frames of the sunglasses? Wear a different pair! Change almost any aspect of this adorable set and it still looks good because the overall concept remains in tact.

Photo courtesy of

Lily Collins
Above, you’ll see that I’ve collected some items that can help you attain this easy outfit, without having to spend $700 on the Sophia Webster strappy, metallic sandals (or similar) Collins has on in the photo. I added a thicker, woolier coat to the collage because I feel that it’s slightly better suited to the winters where most of us live (regardless of snowy weather, or the lack thereof). I actually plan to purchase this coat for myself at some point… The downfall of a blogger lol. Also, personally, skulls are not my taste so I chose a floral patterned scarf, in muted colors.
Some of my favorite parts of this are the structured, neutral bag and strong shoe. In my opinion, this would even be quite adorable with some oxfords or chelsea boots.
What do you think? Would you wear this? What would you add or take away to put your own spin on it?

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