Farewell Favorites 2014

I have majorly slacked off in my posting for December! Between visiting family out-of-town and all the sickness that’s been going around, it’s been a busy month but, nearly fictional in existence considering how fast it’s flown by. However, I’m grateful considering all that’s been said and done this year. 2014 has been a severely trialsome one for me and my family and while I will always look on this time with fondness because it brought us our beautiful baby girl, I am more than ready to kiss the hardships and tribulations of the past 12 months goodbye. And, although, I may not be ridding myself of all the problems I’ve encountered over the recent past, I can only hope to trade a few of them in for something a bit lighter on my shoulders; slightly more restricting on my lungs.

The good thing about not blogging as much this month is that I can now start of 2015 with a bang! Lots of promised reviews on products I love (and a couple I don’t)… So, stay tuned! For now, I want to just keep things simple and leave my last post of the year as my faithful, monthly favorites. Nothing too spectacular here but, it’s something I always count on compiling for you guys and hope you enjoy. (Also, my ‘About’ page has been updated so check it out!)

Back to December (favorites)


  • Winter roses have been a big thing for me this season. I started seeing a million red ones everywhere once December was in full swing and really loved how they looked. Normally, I’m more of tropical flower gal but, I decided to pick up some of these for my parent’s on their anniversary and also had some around my house. They are a great pop of color without being overwhelming or too festive. Not to mention, they bloom more and more every day, dry beautifully, and can be kept as a novelty thereafter. The pink & sorbet shades are my favorite; I think they have a very fresh take on winter, especially when variegated with white.
  • Bath & Body Works has me hook, line, and sinker. I’m STUCK on all of their winter and holiday scents! My absolute favorite has been the Sugar Plum Dream. The shower gel was a free gift with a previous purchase I made but, right now, everything is on sale for 50-75% off so I might just go stock up on everything I can while it lasts! It’s just sweet enough with a hint of deep tones that is just seductive enough to swoop you in and sweep you off your feet. Honestly, I hope they bring this back next year and if you get a whiff of it, you will too!
  • I meant to do a separate post on winter lip colors but, I just didn’t get around to it. šŸ˜¦ I just couldn’t leave out this one from my favorites because I’ve been reaching for it non-stop. Diva by Mac CosmeticsĀ Ā has been an ever popular color this fall and once I got my hands on it I could see why! It’s a perfect burgundy, matte lip color; long-wearing with a red undertone that is very becoming on many skin tones! I love it on its own or mixed with any other berry colored lippie.
  • I have rediscovered my love for Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows , though not as shadows. I find that the formula is too oily for my lids and creases badly, however, given the right primer they can serve as a nice base for similarly toned shadows. Right now, though, I really love the “Skinlights” paletteĀ (lighter shades preferably) as a cheekbone highlight. I don’t know why I never thought of using them in this way before but, I will definitely continue to.
  • Ear jackets are all the rage right now and I try hard not to follow trends off the bat but, these are just so cute! I ordered these ‘Juniper’ ones on Cyber Monday and I’ve been wearing them almost daily! If you haven’t gone over to BaubleBar.com and seen their selection, go see!
  • Jaclyn HillĀ Ā was the first to turn my on to the name “Morphe” when it comes to makeup brushes. Shortly after, I began to hear more and more of the brand all over YouTube. On Black Friday I decided to make a purchase (soon to be reviewed) and I’m so glad I did. This M460 brush is perfect for contouring! Dense and soft and fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheekbones. I first saw this particular brush used by Desi PerkinsĀ –> GO VISIT HER CHANNEL!
  • As you all read, back in September, I got my husband an awesome pair of slippers as part of his anniversary present. A few weeks later we were browsing for dress clothes for our boys at Kohl’s- a store I rarely shop in. I came across theseĀ flannel slippers by SONOMA life+style and couldn’t pass them up. A ridiculous amount of comfort and a hard sole so that I can even sneak out to the grocery store without looking foolish. šŸ˜‰ Warm and comfy– isn’t that what winter is all about? {Though, recently, the weather here has been almost spring-like!}
  • After reading DebE’s November FavoritesĀ post and yearning to try out that Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat for myself, I couldn’t help myself and went to find the alternate. Mission accomplished. Rimmel’s Exaggerate Lipliner in ‘Eastend Snob’ is just the most beautiful and well formulated pencil… it has made me a believer again and thank goodness! I am loving to try over drawing my lip line so much- thanks to Nikkie and Desi – that I bought another already. Watch this tutorial on it if you’ve ever been interested in getting a more plump pout!

Thank you all SO much for all of your support this year. We are halfway through my second year of blogging and it just keeps getting better! I appreciate each and every time you click, read, and comment. Have a wonderful end to 2014 and I’ll see you back here in the new year! Give me a few days to catch up on reading each of you and I’ll be back in full swing.

Love to each and every one of you!



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