Ariana Grande: Teen Vogue February 2014

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Versace: The Look, For Less

In the last year, the “baroque” look has made a comeback. The fashion forward patterns and door-knocker style accessories have hit the runways since last fall. But, what if you can’t afford the runway price?

Have no fear, bargain hunting is here! You might recall the recent post I made about what I’m wearing on my anniversary dinner date. There, I featured the baroque wedges I purchased from Aldo and paired with a little black dress. In that post I said I wanted to accessorize with gold pieces but, I admit, didn’t have any in mind. To be completely honest, my husband has better taste in jewelry than I do!

So, while I was surfing the usual sites for deals on necklaces, earrings, or bracelets to put with the outfit I ran across an unbelievably edgy and unique necklace on singing star, Rihanna; a Versace “Queen of the Jungle”. After a little bit of a search, I found out that her exact necklace was over $1,300!!

Obviously, I’m not going to drain my savings account to buy an original Versace piece. What to do…?

Well, I was determined to find this item (or, as close as I could get) and I wouldn’t spend more the $25. A challenge, right? Hubby and I have been spending a lot of money lately. He gave me my anniversary present early– a new Samsung, front loading washer and dryer in red. I love them but, it wasn’t cheap. And since I’m the one who decided to treat us to an expensive B&B stay/wine tour, I figured I better not spend too much on a knock-off necklace.

I searched on Polyvore, where I normally have a lot of luck finding what I want but, was faced with an unfortunately limited amount of “lion head” inventory. Ebay, surprisingly had a few items, however, they all shipped from Hong Kong or another remote, Asian country and would’ve never gotten here in time for the dinner. By chance, a link on Google led me to– where I have never ordered jewelry from before. I was a little leery, to say the least. Although, I’ve never had a bad experience with Amazon before, I don’t really like buying accessories from a place where I can’t see the metal or check the weight. I’m not really sure what came over me but, I decided to order what I found, regardless; from Heirloom Charms (an Amazon seller). It came in the mail today, because we get free 2-day shipping being Amazon Prime members. I’m very pleased overall!


And guess how much I paid for this little gem… $17!!

That’s my Versace look for less. I think that this necklace could jazz up a lot of otherwise “plain jane” outfits. If you see a designer item that you love, don’t just assume you could never get the same style. Just do a little digging and see what you come up with. Who knows, you might even like it better!

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