OOTD: Pattern + Pleather

As I posted last week, the weather in North Carolina is holding it’s own. Most days now are sunny and in the 60’s or 70’s which makes it perfect for a light jacket & scarf. Today, I wasn’t feeling very … Continue reading

Obsessed with… Minnetonka!

Leather. Cozy. Adorable. The first three words that come to mind when this particular brand comes to mind.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Omg, didn’t she just talk about loafers not too long ago?” Well, my friends, I sure did! But, today’s post isn’t just about footwear… It’s about all things Minnetonka.

Call me crazy but, I first found out about this brand browsing the aisle of TJ Maxx some 2 years ago. Now, I’m not what you’d call a “Maxxinista”. I don’t, generally, have good success at places like that… There’s no specific reason, I guess. I just don’t get on well at ‘overflow’ stores. It’s funny, though, when I complement my friends on their outfits, many times they tell me that their blouse, dress, or bag came from TJ Maxx.

Anyway, I found some super cute Jr. Trapper moccasins. I kid you not, I wore these things out! Winter, summer, rain, or shine. They were my go-to casual shoe, especially during pregnancy! Normally, in Wilmington, it’s easy to wear flip flops all year long. But, moccasins are a wonderful alternative to my usual Rainbows. Unfortunately, after such heavy wear, I had to get rid of them… However, the lovely Heather, over at Revival Photography, kept my adoration alive by posting instagram photos of her new Minnetonka closet additions. (She shares my love 🙂 Follow her and her groovy hubby @revivalphoto)

Recently, since we are full fledge in the midst of autumn air, I have been missing my faux fur lined little slip-ons. But, this time, I was looking for a ‘grown-up’ version. So, guess what I ordered yesterday?


I have been coveting leopard loafers/moccasins for the longest! But, I felt like I was being cliché since everyone seems like they have a pair. These moccasins are more my style, comfort level, and still a fantastic neutral, casual shoe. I can confidently wear this without feeling too dressed up or down. I actually got them for $5 (+ S&H) because I has $35 worth of DSW rewards coupons! 🙂 How rad, right?! Still, though, these babies are only $40 regularly, which is a great price considering how well made they are.

But, let me remind you, this post just isn’t just about shoes… Although, I could go on and on. Minnetonka has super cute products that also include hats and handbags. If you visit their website, you will also see that they advise and provide the supplies needed to properly care for your purchases. Below are a just few of my favorite Minnetonka goodies.


3-Layer Fringe Boot   |   El Paso bag  |  Hardsole Moccasin  | El Paso Moccasin

A wave of colder weather (and when I say “colder” I mean no longer 85) has whipped through this week creating the perfect sweater weather. The collection of items below is similar to what you might find me running around in with my kids & hubby on a chilly Saturday afternoon. I love all things Aztec, leather, and fringe… Not to mention a little aqua sparkle! I used some of my preferred Minnetonka basics like the gray/fringe crossbody bag, and the taupe, softsoled moccasin.


aztec sweater  |  moccasins   |   fringe crossbody bag  |   round sunglasses  |   aqua leaf earrings

OOTD: Flight of Fashion

Caught our flight to NYC this morning and… WE MADE IT! Such a nice feeling to be back in this city! ❤️ There is something so artistic and independent about the spirit of this place…

Wanted to share with you guys my outfit of the day. I think I made a good choice…


The cell phone photo isn’t the best and airport lighting is unflattering but, I am comfortable– especially for the rainy weather we encountered upon arrival.

Sweater- Target, $22
Jeans- Gap, $40
Scarf- Charlotte Russe, $5 (on sale)
Suede Boots- Delia*s, (old)

Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday!