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Design A Tea: Review

First off, I just wanna let you all know that I did a guest post over on TheFridayGirl’s blog. Click HERE to check it out!


“What’s in a name. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

For the most part, I think Mr. Shakespeare was an interesting and smart man. However, I cannot agree with him on the above quote, when applying it to tea.

Drinking tea, my house, is almost a daily occurrence. Many times I think I should’ve been born British so I could’ve been brought up learning how to drink it “the right way”. But, I can’t imagine a tea named “Mud Pie” tasting as good as something called “Darjeeling”. Darjeeling, Darjeeling, Darjeeling… I just love that word! Plus, I’m also a bit of a health nut and will drink just about anything that is proclaimed as having natural healing and life enriching powers.

When it comes to tea, I especially like mine in loose leaves. I feel like the flavor can really come through that way. My husband and I discovered this when we were honeymooning in Tuscany and discovered a great little tea shop. Of course, we brought back a huge bag of loose leaves. Since then, I have been fascinated with stores, like Teavana, that make this beverage their business and livelihood. That being said, I also find them overpriced..

Recently, I came across a small artisan company run by Jenn & Brian Pfeiffer, called Design A Tea. Their motto? “Where tea leaves dream…” Who doesn’t like the way that sounds?! I sure do!

The business is run out of small town near Buffalo, New York and, as the website states, they are environmentally friendly, wholesale supporters, organic, & gluten free! But, what exactly does Design A Tea do? Well, it’s more about what they allow you to do. Using their online tools, you can design and name your own signature tea.

Step 1: Choose your tea.

Step 2: Pick Your Favorite Flavors

Step 3: Enjoy your custom blend!

[Click HERE and HERE to see two articles that really helped me in this process.]

I ended up choosing a Roobios tea blend with chamomile, vanilla, and apricot. And guess what came in the mail yesterday….?


I named the blend “Amorous Apricot” and, yes, it does taste as good as it sounds.


The first thing I did was immediately open it up and smell it! And what a divine smell it was! Seriously, guys, you need to have smell-a-vision or a scratch-n-sniff screen.


Next, I made a cup… How could I NOT? It was irresistible! And it tastes as good as it smells. It’s got a depth and a natural sweetness that I couldn’t have imagined just reading the description of the ingredients that I chose.

The company was also nice enough to send me a free sample of what they call “Happy Zombie”. You cannot go wrong with a bag full of cinnamon and orange deliciousness! One of the best autumn tasting teas, I swear.


All in all, I feel like $10 was a lot of pay for a small little pack of tea. But, the free sample definitely increased the value and I think I would order from them again, when I have the urge for something creative and yummy. And would recommend trying out Design a Tea even if it’s just for fun. If you aren’t afraid of the price tag they do have a bigger ordering option, which is enticing for me the next time. I just love the thought of a nice little treat in one of my vintage tea cups. I’m a collector!

What’s your favorite kind of tea? Do you like the idea of putting together your own blend of loose leaf? Or would you rather have a no-fuss tea bag?